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At MindFit Lifestyle Concierge, we are passionate and committed to helping you transform your Self and create a lifestyle mastery blueprint that ensures you live your life with balance and simplicity while serving your higher purpose!

“I’ve been in the trenches for 38 years helping people experience success in all areas of life and I’m ready to help you, too!  I can say, without reservation, by engaging with me and my team you will experience significant and measurable results!”

Coach Chris

Lifestyle Transformation

If you are concerned about your current health and well-being and want to ensure a quality of life beyond  50, this program is for you!

Lifestyle Transformation

Our innovative health and wellness experience is an entirely new paradigm in healthcare and lifestyle management. Our integrated multi-disciplinary approach in combining regenerative medicine, age management, and lifestyle coaching creates the perfect venue for the growing population focused on preservation of optimal human function and quality of life.

This experience is an exclusive, highly individualized, proactive and preventive lifestyle management program focused on enhancing quality of life with overall improvements in energy, body composition, physical fitness, sleep, mental acuity, sexual vitality, digestion, and skin tone.

At the same time, our clients also experience a significant decrease in the risk of age-related disease and symptoms. The basic components are client evaluation through medical history, lifestyle assessment, and laboratory testing to establish a personalized lifestyle management program. Our team of experts provides you with complete life enhancing elements built on the following strategies: hormone optimization, cellular detoxification, science-based nutrition, gut and brain health, safe and effective weight management, appropriate exercise, stress management, and accountability to ensure sustained results!

No single element stands alone. This experience is a symphony keeping your body, mind, and spirit in perfect harmony! The evaluation process is about self-discovery… exposing your total health picture – not just a mere snapshot. We use solid science, comprehensive evaluation, and evidence-based protocols in a synergistic program customized for individual client needs.

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Corporate Wellness

We create innovative health and wellness solutions for small to medium-sized companies.

Corporate Wellness

We help businesses, small and large, create and implement a plan to positively serve the most vital asset of their business – their employees.

  • Design and Implement an On-site Fitness Center
  • Create Innovative Executive Fitness and Wellness Programs
  • Provide Health and Wellness Speakers, Presenters, and Seminars
  • Offer Corporate Health and Wellness Retreats
  • Institute Quarterly Company Health Fairs
  • Re-Engineer a health-conscious Cafeteria Menu and Suggest Delicious Recipes

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Additional Services

We also offer a suite of programs and services to help support, simplify, and enhance your personal and professional life.

Additional Services

MindFit Lifestyle Concierge truly is ‘at your service’ in all areas of your life or business. When you don’t know who to call, call us – we have a plan.

  • Seminar, Workshop & Retreat Planning
  • Hormone Optimization
  • Health Coaching

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Coach Chris Cucchiara

See What People Are Saying


I have struggled with weight issues my entire life. I’ve worked with many personal trainers and coaches in the past just to find yet another failed diet and exercise program. It wasn’t until I began working with Coach Chris that I finally realized the WHY behind my weight issues. He helped me uncover the mental and emotional piece that was the real cause of my weight issues. His program is brilliant, in my opinion it stands alone in the market place. I not only lost 50 lbs, I have more energy and a zeal for life!”

Sam S (55 years young)


Chris, wanted you to know how much of a positive impact you had on me the time I first started with you and even today when I think of your outstanding coaching and just being you. You helped me look in the mirror to find myself. Without your coaching and mentor-ship my road would have been different”

Jack F (35 years young)


Coach Chris is an outstanding mentor and motivator. He is skilled at being able to bring out the best in his clients, including their latent talents. He took me on a path of self-discovery that has helped me with my confidence, ability to focus, and to feel supported and more positive when challenges can feel overwhelming. My health has improved through the awareness Coach Chris instilled in me about the importance of making good food choices to improve my diet and outlook on life!”

Richard P (70 years young)


When I walked into Coach’s office the first time I was well over 440 lbs. My health was extremely bad to say the least. Every diet I went on in the past failed. Coach Chris is different as he doesn’t focus on diets, he supports the whole person. My health is on track for the first time in many years, and as a result, I have been able to reduce certain meds. I can’t say enough about Coach Chris, he has given me my life back. Without his guidance, I may not be alive today. I am more balanced mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally than ever before and improving every day. My zeal for life, well let’s be honest, I never had it before working with Coach Chris. I look forward to each day and can’t wait to see where this journey goes. And by the way, after two months I have already lost over 30 lbs.!”

Jeremiah T (48 years young)


“I am forever grateful for the ways Coach Chris has helped me evolve since I started working with him in 2014. I never felt like Coach’s calls were pre-scripted, as if to say coaching can be cookie-cutter caliber. Instead, each time I met with Coach, I felt it was individualized and tailored around what I was going through. Having gone through a major family loss just prior to working with Chris, I feel like his coaching helped me on a personal level, beyond my professional career as a Holistic Health Practitioner. He helped me rediscover my values, which surprisingly changed after losing a family member. He helped me regain my inner strength by realizing the blocks I had put up mentally. He gave me tools to use as a team leader in direct sales as well as in my holistic health practice. And my health coaching business is fully enrolled since. The areas of change are still unfolding as I reach for the phrases he used or the tools he offered. I highly recommend his services. The results will be unique to your needs, and they will be aplenty.”

Stephanie Austin, HHP
Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach

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